Behind the 1400km Dash: the choice of a father and the responsibility of a captain_ Tencent News

Zhai Xiaochuan, captain of Beijing Men’s basketball team, was not absent from the first competition of the second stage of CBA. Perhaps many people now know that Xiaochuan is about to become a father. His second child will be born on December 3, which is today. The birth of a child is the most important and noble time for a family. It is also the time when a wife needs her husband’s company most. Last summer, Xiaochuan missed the birth of his first child, when he was training with the Chinese men’s basketball team in the United States in preparation for the world cup. Tens of thousands of kilometers away, Xiaochuan and her daughter’s “first meeting” can only end on a small mobile phone screen. In the past year, because of the national team’s competition mission and the league’s experience, Xiaochuan missed too many important time in the process of baby’s growth. Last season, Xiaochuan once sent a video in the circle of friends, which was sent to him by his wife. In the video, the TV at home is playing the competition of Beijing team, and the picture is a close-up of Xiaochuan. Xiaochuan lacks a one-year-old girl dancing in front of the TV. The baby may not know what her father is doing, but she knows that the man is her own father. As a husband, a father and the pillar of a family, Xiaochuan doesn’t want to miss the birth of his second baby. But at the same time, Xiaochuan’s team, Beijing Men’s basketball team is now experiencing a very difficult situation. In the first stage of the competition, Beijing team only won 4-6 losses, ranking 12th in the scoreboard, and the team was under great pressure. Under such circumstances, the management and coaching team of Beijing Men’s basketball team went to Xiaochuan and tried to ask him whether he could return to the team and help the team finish the match with Shenzhen. The Beijing Men’s basketball team did not put pressure on Xiaochuan. They understood all the resolutions supporting Xiaochuan. When the team left for Zhuji on November 30, the Beijing team gave Xiaochuan a designated holiday. Just like this, facing the waiting and pleading of the team, Xiaochuan did not experience too much mental struggle, so he made the selection of the meeting team. As the captain of the team, he expects to use this method to encourage the whole team and give it strength. In this process, his family, especially his wife Yang Siyu, still gave Xiaochuan great support as he did a year ago. Therefore, early yesterday morning, Xiaochuan rushed to Zhuji. After the regular procedures of nucleic acid detection and blocking, Xiaochuan will take the stage on schedule and try his best to help the team in today’s competition. When the team needs him, Xiaochuan never flinches. In the 2019 World Cup, his dialogue with big brother Allan League has touched countless people. On the second day of the Sino Polish war, there was no time to heal the heartache. The Chinese men’s basketball team began to prepare for the life and death war with Venezuela. During the practice, Zhai Xiaochuan, who had injured his foot the night before and still insisted on finishing the competition, asked a-lian: “Liange, how is your foot?” Yi Jianlian replied, “it still works.” Zhai Xiaochuan replied, “mine can still work.”. This season, the Beijing Men’s basketball team has experienced a painful running in period due to the replacement of coaches and the change of personnel. At some times, Xiaochuan even has to take on many jobs and characters that he is not very good at. But for the team, Xiaochuan is willing to do everything. In the 10 games so far this season, he has played 40 minutes per game (the fifth in the League), has averaged 10.6 rebounds, 3.8 assists and 2.5 steals per game, all of which are his livelihood highs. (the team) has some difficulties, but we won’t avoid them or find excuses. We hope these will wake us up and let us try our best to pay more Nine years ago, the young man who made his way to Liaoning Province was a real leader. According to the plan, after the competition with Shenzhen, Zhai Xiaochuan will return to Beijing for the first time to accompany his wife. He hopes that he can witness the birth of his beloved baby and try his best not to be left alone. Greetings to Xiaochuan, to a captain, to a father.


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