CCTV live! National security double bumper harvest, the Football Association Cup Asian crown all may concentrate on the training, is expected to win 6 in a row At 21:00 on December 3, Beijing time, the sixth round of the Asian Championship group match continued. Group E ushered in the focus battle. Beijing Guoan played against Qinglai United. CCTV5 will live broadcast the competition. The first round competition of both sides is Beijing Guoan 1-0. Now Beijing Guoan has won the Asian Championship Group Game completely, scoring 11 goals and 3 goals, while Qinglai United has only won 1 win, 1 draw, 3 losses, scored 4 goals and lost 10 goals The two teams are two points short, but because they are faced with the fact that the results of the two teams are not dominant, so they have been selected. Facing the competition of Beijing Guoan, both sides are training battles. The pre match points are as follows: Beijing Guoan 15 points, Seoul 6 points, Melbourne success and Qinglai United 4 points. However, the two rounds scores of Qinglai united and Seoul are 0-5 and 2-1, and the two rounds of Melbourne’s success are 0-1 and 2-2, respectively. Therefore, facing two direct competitors, they are all in the disadvantage. In the case of only one competition, the two teams directly face each other, if they win or lose The winner is still one of their two teams. If they don’t win or lose, Seoul will accumulate 7 points in the draw. However, the biggest player in the League may also be 7 points, so they have been screened. Seoul and Melbourne will face each other directly. The other competition won’t involve their ranking. Therefore, if they want to advance, they must rely on their strength. However, Beijing Guoan and Qinglai United will focus on training in the final round. Beijing Guoan is expected to win the Asian Championship group match for six consecutive times. Guoan this year can be said to be a big harvest, in the case of the Super League, they eventually through their own efforts to win Shandong Luneng and Shanghai Shanghong Kong to get the third place in the league, so they probably get the Asian Championship qualification match next season, because the football association cup is out now, but if the Asian championship is won in Hong Kong, Beijing Guoan will be squeezed out of the next season’s Asian Championship quota. In a word, Beijing’s third place is the reality, and Shanghai’s victory is still unknown. Guoan has now demonstrated its youth training system in the FA Cup. Among all the teams participating in the Asian championship, they are the only teams that have entered the top 8 of the FA Cup. Their average age is only 19, and they are screened out from the top four in China. However, they are selected by Wuhan zhuo’er and represent the country Ann played two weight level competitions and got good training. Compared with Shanghai and Evergrande, they were able to train in the Asian Championship today. Because it is not related to the ranking, Guoan has really had a double harvest this season, and both of them are of great value.


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