Pride of Chinese football: 57 year old CSL coach will go to Europe to be “chairman of Football Association”! 16:34 on December 3, 2020: original title: pride of Chinese football: 57 year old CSL coach will go to Europe to serve as “chairman of Football Association”! With the development of China Super League match system this year, many coaches are hard to bear the pain of separation from their families. After van Bronckhorst voluntarily resigned from his post to leave Fuli, the head coach of a Chinese Super League Football Association Cup will leave China this year. The coach who has been in China for two years will return to Europe as the “chairman of the Football Association”, which is undoubtedly the Chinese Football Association The ball is quite a historical act, the Chinese Super League out of a football association chairman, this is many people did not think of, is the pride of our football! This is Stanley menzo, who was previously a goalkeeper in Ajax, the 57 year old retired Dutch goalkeeper who came to China at the beginning of last year to coach the Beijing Guoan reserve team. There is no doubt that Beijing Guoan’s teaching experience is undoubtedly the peak experience in his coaching life. The FA Cup, the more amazing the FA Cup, the more amazing the FA Cup! Beijing Guoan, which is mainly composed of young reserve team players, has created a great spectacle in the Football Association Cup. Shanghai Shanggang and Guangzhou Evergrande young players were screened out in the first round of the Football Association Cup, and only Beijing Guoan successfully entered the second round, which created a huge cold. As a result, Stanley menzo became famous in the first World War. He celebrated with the players after the game, which attracted more attention in the communication channel. Many people thought that he could help Chinese football! Stanley menzo has shown that most of the young players in Guoan’s reserve team have the ability to play in the first team of CSL in the future, as long as they are satisfied and try their best. However, the Dutch coach made a decision to leave China after the FA Cup. According to the reporter’s information, he will come back to Europe directly next to serve as the chairman of the Football Association of a certain island in Holland, and change from a Chinese Super coach to a football association. This span is indeed beyond the expectation of many people! China’s coaching experience has undoubtedly given the Dutch coach a lot of help. I believe that the “chairman of the Football Association” who came out of the Chinese Super League can quickly get used to his new post. At the age of 57, he is still young. As in this year’s Football Association Cup, he can invent the wonder of his life! It has to be said that in the future, the chairman of the Football Association of a certain island in the Netherlands may automatically have more cooperation and communication with China’s Football Association, which is undoubtedly a fluke for China’s football!


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